Project Phases

The ANZLEAD project has three major phases 2022-2023.

Phase 1 – 2021-2022

Phase 2 – 2022-2023

Phase 3 – 2023-2024


The requirements for technical designs for WP2-WP4 will be captured to establish the data harmonisation framework and portal model.   


The framework and portal design associated with WP2-WP4 will be staged and checked for dependencies that impact WP5.


The move into operations will occur as part of WP5 and post project activity. 

The Conceptual and Technical working groups drive the Conceptualisation and Development phases (WP2-WP5) i.e., to establish a common set of requirements and to establish new data harmonisation capabilities and a portal enabling data access for social science research. 

Work Packages

Five work packages (WP2 to WP5) enable project partners to establish a common harmonisation framework for standardising key units of analysis, controlled vocabularies for core political and demographic information from authoritative sources, establish procedures and metadata requirements and a data portal model for linked and harmonised social science data.

Work PackageDescriptionLeadPhase
WP1 (PMO)Project managementANUAll
WP2 (Framework)Common data harmonisation frameworkANUAll
WP3 (Data)Data processing and harmonisationANUAll
WP4 (Vocabulary)Alignment of controlled vocabularies ANUAll
WP5 (Portal & App)Political science data portal model and appANUAll
WP6 (Outreach)Community engagement ANUAll